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I'm trying to make a program that displays the contents of my database tables.

I have two tables namely tbl_login and tbl_transaction.

There is 1 combobox with 2 items that contains the SQL Strings:

 sSqlUser = "SELECT * FROM tbl_login ORDER BY Uname"
 sSqlTransaction = "SELECT * FROM tbl_transaction ORDER BY ORNumber"

Now what I want my program to do is that when the user chooses a combobox item. The program will execute the SQL String and then displays the records to the listview. And when the user selects another item, its SQL String will then be executed.

For example, sSqlUser is item no. 1 and sSqlTransaction is item no. 2. As the program loads, the default SQL string will be sSqlUser which is combobox item no. 1 so the contents of the listview are the records from tbl_login. And then when the user changes the selecteditem to item no. 2, contents of the listview will be records from tbl_transaction.

I do not have problem as the program finished loading, the problem I encountered is when I select another item. It gives me an error "Specified cast is not valid."

Here is a function the fills my listview

 Private Sub FillList()
    With lvlist

        .View = View.Details
        .FullRowSelect = True
        .GridLines = True
        .Columns.Add("", 100)
        .Columns.Add("", 100)
        .Columns.Add("", 100)
        .Columns.Add("", 100)
        .Columns.Add("", 100)
        .Columns.Add("", 100)
        .Columns.Add("", 100)
        .Columns.Add("", 200)

        If ComboBox1.SelectedIndex = 0 Then

            .Columns(0).Text = "User ID"
            .Columns(1).Text = "Username"
            .Columns(2).Text = "Password"
            .Columns(3).Text = "Account Type"
            .Columns(4).Text = "First Name"
            .Columns(5).Text = "Last Name"
            .Columns(6).Text = "Gender"

        ElseIf ComboBox1.SelectedIndex = 1 Then
            .Columns(0).Text = "Order Number"
            .Columns(1).Text = "User ID"
            .Columns(2).Text = "Transaction Number"
            .Columns(3).Text = "Total Amount"
            .Columns(4).Text = "Cash Received"
            .Columns(5).Text = "Change"
            .Columns(6).Text = "Quantity"
            .Columns(7).Text = "Transaction Date"

        End If

        //I already have another function here to fill my listview

End Function
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Solved. I found my mistake. I just need to change the data type of 1 of the Fields on tbl_transaction. Quantity Field was in type Number so I just change it to Text and then the error was gone. Is there any other solution with my problem aside from changing the data type to text? –  GM-Xile GM-Xile Feb 23 '13 at 8:38
Go ahead and answer your own question, you can even accept your own answer. –  Fionnuala Feb 23 '13 at 11:26

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