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I am using Supersize slider..

I am facing a problem...

if an image is big in size and its takes time to load, then before being fully loaded, the slider gets chaged to new image..

i want to add a feature like when one image is totally downloaded then after that time the slider will transit..

can anybody help me with this sort of problem??


i want to have the slide transit, when the previous image is totally downloaded..

say i have 3 images a.jpg, b.jpg, c.jpg

a.jpg got transitioned to b.jpg,

b.jpg is a very big file.. untill and unless b.jpg is totally downloaded, it wont get transitioned to give way to c.jpg ......

so the transition may get stopped as per each image untill the image gets totally downloaded......

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Create an image preloader? –  jimjimmy1995 Feb 23 '13 at 8:19
what do u mena by create an image preloader?? –  user1504287 Feb 23 '13 at 8:19

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You want to preload your images.

This function will load the images and append them to a container:

function preloadImages() {
    for(var i = 0; i < arguments.length; i++) {
        $('<img />').attr('src', arguments[i]).appendTo('#myImages');

Call that function on document ready:

$(function() {
    preloadImages('a.jpg', 'b.jpg');

In your HTML have:

<div id="myImages" style="display:none"></div>
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Initialize slider after document is fully loaded.

   //slider initialization.

Now in html just do it as below.

<div id="slider">
        <li><img src="loading.jpg" alt="" id="slider_loading"/></li>
        <li><img src="1.jpg" alt="" /></li>
        <li><img src="2.jpg" alt="" /></li>
        <li><img src="3.jpg" alt="" /></li>

Now make css for slider div inside witch add dislpay:none; rule for all image.


#slider ul li img

    display:block !important;

now before slider initialization code remove that loading image as below.

   //slider initialization.

and you are done.

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is it for the supersized slider??? –  user1504287 Feb 23 '13 at 8:39
@sazet_rey i just gave you way to archive what you want...it can be apply to whatever slider you are using... –  Dipesh Parmar Feb 23 '13 at 8:41
ok buddy, but supersized slider has some specific features, thats why i wondered, moreover it has an auto transition duration. will also that be taken on account??? –  user1504287 Feb 23 '13 at 8:42
@sazet_rey when you use window.load it means page is fully loaded including all the images so you don't need to worry about transition duration...because once image are loaded then slider will be activated or created...also you can make use of Stuart answer function... –  Dipesh Parmar Feb 23 '13 at 8:46
ok, i am a bit weak in jquery.. but can u tell me one thing?? is window.load and $(document).ready() different??? –  user1504287 Feb 23 '13 at 8:51

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