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I am using get_post_meta($post->ID);, which returns results like the below.

I need to print to the screen the actual values for these fields wpcf-business_listing_title, wpcf-street_address, wpcf-city, etc.

How exactly do I do that? Thank you!

array(25) { 
    ["wpcf-business_listing_title"]=> array(1) {
         [0]=> string(17) "Davis Car Dealer" 
    ["wpcf-street_address"]=> array(1) { 
        [0]=> string(21) "720 Olympad Drive Ste X" 
    ["wpcf-city"]=> array(1) { 
        [0]=> string(5) "Portland" 
    ["wpcf-state_abbreviation"]=> array(1) { 
        [0]=> string(2) "ME" 
    ["wpcf-full_state_name"]=> array(1) {
        [0]=> string(10) "Maine" 
    ["wpcf-zip_code"]=> array(1) { 
        [0]=> string(5) "95616" 
    ["wpcf-county"]=> array(1) { 
        [0]=> string(4) "Yolo" 
    ["wpcf-phone_number"]=> array(1) { 
        [0]=> string(12) "555-755-3666" 
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It's an associative array where each item contains a flat array with custom field values. I suggest you read up on arrays and looping in PHP. For the record associative array elements are accessed using the bracket notation eg. $meta['my-assoc-key'] – kjetilh Feb 23 '13 at 9:13

Here You can give the particular field slug name for example you using for wpcf-street_address then you want give like

$wpcf-street_address = get_post_meta($post->ID,'wpcf-street_address',true);

this gives you particular field value.

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does this run a query when I do get_post_meta? Is there any way to do it without running a query? I am trying to limit my queries because on each record listed on the page I need to do get_post_meta for several different custom fields. – user1609391 Feb 23 '13 at 21:20

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