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Right now I've a string array test.

I want to add elements to this array inside a for loop. but I am not getting a way. I am new to Java and android.

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ArrayList = dynamic array – Bhushan Feb 23 '13 at 10:43
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Arrays in Java have a defined size, you cannot change it later by adding or removing elements (you can read some basics here).

Instead, use a List:

ArrayList<String> mylist = new ArrayList<String>();
mylist.add(mystring); //this adds an element to the list.

Of course, if you know beforehand how many strings you are going to put in your array, you can create an array of that size and set the elements by using the correct position:

String[] myarray = new String[numberofstrings];
myarray[23] = string24; //this sets the 24'th (first index is 0) element to string24.
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thanks ,man :)... – developer Dec 9 '15 at 14:05

when using String array, you have to give size of array while initializing


String[] str = new String[10];

you can use index 0-9 to store values

str[0] = "value1"
str[1] = "value2"
str[2] = "value3"
str[3] = "value4"
str[4] = "value5"
str[5] = "value6"
str[6] = "value7"
str[7] = "value8"
str[8] = "value9"
str[9] = "value10"

if you are using ArrayList instread of string array, you can use it without initializing size of array ArrayList str = new ArrayList();

you can add value by using add method of Arraylist


get retrieve a value from arraylist, you can use get method

String s = str.get(0);

find total number of items by size method

int nCount = str.size();

read more from here

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You cant add add items in string array more than its size, i'll suggest you to use ArrayList you can add items dynamically at run time in arrayList if you feel any problem you can freely ask

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