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How do I match strings of an array that has one or more digits in between two nondigits, and the string ends with a digit? Let's say I wanted to print out the strings that didn't match. How would I do this?

Here's what I have so far

my @array = ("OST3GIC2", "GRE1", "foo23eoo4","MAX13", "foo9fsa2");
foreach @array{
if !(grep /^+\D(+\d)+\D\d$/) {
print $_."\n";

Desired Output



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The quantifier (+) goes after the character class, not before it. This regex you have could never have compiled without errors. – TLP Feb 23 '13 at 11:21
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You could look for:

  • \D non-digit
  • \d+ any number of digits
  • \D a non-digit
  • .* anything
  • \d a digit
  • $ finally end-of-string
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If you want the non-matches directly, you can use


If you want the matches, and then filter out, you can use

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my @array = ("OST3GIC2", "GRE1", "foo23eoo4","MAX13", "foo9fsa2");

print(join("\n", grep { ! /^\D+\d+\D+\d+$/ } @array) . "\n");


  • ! to inverse the regexp result
  • ^\D\d+\D+\d+$ means start with any non digit, then any digits, then any non digits, then ends with digits

( any means at least one here )

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