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I've been developping a PHP app recently that is aimed at helping Doctors & patients getting in touch and also uses FullCalendar for the doctor So he can manage his events. My problem is: as I learned coding by myself, I have not Learned How to decide whether to use this or that DB organisation. Currently, the app creates a new table for each new subscription (Doctors only) that is named "event_[$doctor_id]" but I have to admit I'm scared by the perspective of having 3000 users ! My needs are: - keep a ref for each event during 2 years after its date (but not necesarly in the same dB table) -events youger than 6 months need to be visible in the calendar -to avoid errors , events are never (almost) deleted from the db - they are just disabled in order to allow the user to repair a 2 weeks old mistake

I Was considering using date named tables like "201303" for all the events taking place in March 2013, and then use a bot every month that will somehow save the oldest information (6 months + old) in a specific table or even in a file.

But as the changes might take me a few hours, I'd appreciate some advice from you people!

Thanks a lot in advance for ur help!


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