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It's just my project. It's growing up and I want to add a new server as a sub-directory on the same domain. Is it possible to make sub-directory like:

How I config a DNS or Apache to make it work?

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Sounds like you want to implement a proxy which can be done with mod_proxy. I assume the sites are already running on and and the public frontend is on

You will need to edit the configuration files on and either in the main configuration (for a single site) or virtual host block for a virtual host, add the ProxyPass configuration:

ProxyPass       /project1/
ProxyPass       /project2/

This will send all requests from /project1/ to, if you want to keep this server hidden, or it's not accessible by the public such as an internal network address you will need to set up a reverse proxy so the results are fed back to users via your public front end, so you will need to add ProxyPassReverse configuration:

ProxyPassReverse /project1/
ProxyPassReverse /project2/

Further to this, you will need to enable the proxy modules in your configuration files as well, these are what I have enabled for a basic reverse proxy

LoadModule  proxy_module         modules/
LoadModule  proxy_http_module    modules/

There are some other modules that could be important depending on your situation

mod_proxy_connect    This handles the CONNECT function if connecting to https:// servers
mod_proxy_ftp        This handles connections to FTP servers
mod_proxy_ajp        This handles connections to tomcat/AJP servers
mod_headers          This can modify response and request headers
mod_deflate          This negotiates compression with backends
mod_proxy_html       This is a 3rd party module which will rewrite HTML links to the proxy address space
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+1 Good explanation, although seems to me the OP is talking about sub-domains. But, who knows anyway. – Felipe Alameda A Feb 23 '13 at 12:02

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