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I'm working with PyDev on Ecplise and i want to make Beyond Compare my tool for merge/diff
I read in several places regarding the var and configuration but nothing seems to work
I've installed the SVN plugin.
I've notices there are 3 places to configure :

SVN -> Diff viewer  
SVN -> Diff/Merge  
Ext. Tools -> Beyond Compare  

I've set the first to the path of "BComp.exe" and vars in the first box to :

"${base}" "${mine}"
/lefttitle="Base ${base}"
/righttitle="Local ${mine}"

The second box vars are :

"${theirs}" "${yours}" "${base}" "${merged}"
/lefttitle="Incoming (${theirs})"
/centertitle="Base (${base})"
/righttitle="Local (${yours})"
/outputtitle="Merged (${merged})"

in SVN->Diff/Merge i set parameters to :

"${theirs}" "${yours}" "${base}" "${merged}" /lefttitle="Incoming (${theirs})" /centertitle="Base (${base})" /righttitle="Local (${yours})" /outputtitle="Merged (${merged})" /solo

In the Beyond Compare sub menu i selected the path to

C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 3\BComp.exe

When i select 2 files and click to compare i get the following message :

Unable to start Beyond Compare.
Please check the preference page and make sure the information there is valid
Exception: Please select at least on valid resource

What is the wrong configuration ?

Thank you

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It might be helpful to share the information that you currently have in your preference page. –  Chris Missal Feb 27 '13 at 20:45

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