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I have this simple markup of 2 DIV's. one inside the other

enter image description here

The green is nested under the red div.

Both have different onclick handlers and when I click the green , the event bubbles up to the red div and triggers its onclick.( as it should be).

However , When I click the green div , I use the event Data overload :

$(".divGreen").on('click',{ name: "Karl"}, function (e)

And I can read the value :

  $(".divGreen").on('click',{ name: "Karl"}, function (e)

But I dont want green handler function to read the data , but the RED DIV handler to read the data

I could do it with stop propogation on the green div and use "trigger a red click" with the event data. - but I don't want to.

so my question :

Is there any way ( no global vars please) that when the event bubbles , also the data will bubble ?


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Since the target of the event remains the same as the event bubbles up, you can attach the data to e.target.data like so:

$(".divGreen").on('click',{ name: "Karl"}, function (e) {
    e.target.data = e.data;

You can then pick it up in the parent event:

$(".divRed").on('click', function (e) {
    alert(e.target.data.name); // alerts "Karl"
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very nice.................... –  Royi Namir Feb 23 '13 at 11:22
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