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I am not good at writing php regex, now some data like searchword&num=10 I want use preg replace remove &num=10 or sometimes it could be &num=10, thanks.

echo preg_replace(array('/\&num=(d+)/i','/(&)num=(d+)/i'),'','searchword&num=10');
//I would like to only get searchword
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You can use html_entity_decode to your advantage here.

$searchStr = html_entity_decode($searchStr);
echo preg_replace('/\&num=\d+/i', '', '$searchStr);

Although, you can simply use substr like this

echo substr($searchStr, strpos('&'));
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I do like first solution, not by strpos or /^[^\&]+/, some search word could contain &, should avoid killing them. –  fish man Feb 23 '13 at 11:44
If that is a possibility, then html_entity_decode would work fine for you. –  Achrome Feb 23 '13 at 11:46

What about a regex that will match anything from the beginning of the string up to the first ampersand ?

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