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I am wondering how New Relic is able to report my % of GC time as I have not enabled the -Xloggc and -XX:-PrintGCTimeStamps..

Any other ways?

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Java always computes the GC information, loggc only determines whether it gets logged to a file or not. Even if it is not logged to a file it is available via JMX.

Take a look at this example.

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Pace's answer is correct. One way to do this is to periodically poll each of the registered GarbageCollectionMXBean instances. Prime the pump by recording the current system timestamp and the accumulated collection time so far by calling the MXBean's getCollectionTime() attribute/method. Each period thereafter, compute the delta in the collection time and the elapsed time from the prior interval. Percent GC time for that garbage collector will be elapsed-collection-time/elapsed-time X 100. More or less....

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