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I want to filter the grid based on the selected value in filterToolbar.

This is my grid

<sjg:gridColumn name="assigned_to"   index="assigned_user" key="assigned_user" title="Assigned To"   
            searchoptions="{defaultSearch:'cn', dataUrl : '%{fillUser}', 
                           dataEvents: [{ type: 'change' fn: function(elem) { myfunction(elem)}}]}"/>

So problem is

1: how to get the selected values from drop-down list in function myfunction(elem) which is fired using dataEvents.

2: what is elem in this dataEvents options?

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One use typically the name event or e as the name of the parameter of fn function because the parameter is jQuery Event object. The most important its property if target which will be DOM element of select (see here). So you can use selectedIndex and options properties to get information about selected option:

fn: function (e) {
    var selectDOM = e.target,
        selectedOptionDOM = selectDOM.options[selectDOM.selectedIndex];

    alert("selected option has\n" +
        "text=" + selectedOptionDOM.text +
        "\nvalue=" + selectedOptionDOM.value);

Alternatively you can use jQuery to get selected option. $(e.target).val() provide the value of selected option and $(e.target).find(":selected").text() gives you its text:

fn: function (e) {
    var $select = $(e.target);

    alert("selected option has\n" +
        "text=" + $select.find(":selected").text() +
        "\nvalue=" + $select.val());
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thanx oleg, you are a born author.. –  arvin_codeHunk Feb 25 '13 at 5:19
@arvin_codeHunk: You are welcome! I'm glad that I could help you. –  Oleg Feb 25 '13 at 5:50
please check this question also stackoverflow.com/questions/15068668/how-to-load-json-in-jqgrid , I am stuck here –  arvin_codeHunk Feb 27 '13 at 6:42
@arvin_codeHunk: I can repeat only that you should better use reloadGrid instead of manual call of $.ajax. You can change url or postData using setGridParam before trigger reloadGrid. –  Oleg Feb 27 '13 at 8:54

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