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My project requires using custom Maven plugin, and I am looking for simple way to build it, preferably without messing local repository.

Let's consider simple projects tree:

    |       \---pom.xml
    |       \---pom.xml

root-project has three subprojects listed as <modules> inside. The main thing is that my-project uses my-maven-plugin during it's build process, so the plugin must be built first.

What I would like to do, is to simply run:

root-project $ mvn package

This should build my-maven-plugin first and use it during build of my-project.

Unfortunately, this does not work. Maven stops working during "scanning for projects..." phase, with error message:

Unresolveable build extension: Plugin test:my-maven-plugin:1.0 or one of its dependencies could not be resolved: Could not find artifact test:my-maven-plugin:jar:1.0

It works if I do first

$ cd my-maven-plugin
$ mvn install
$ cd ..
$ mvn package

It does not look good. However, real problem is that the plugin depends itself on my-library (which is another child module of root). So, before building plugin I must enter library directory and install it. Things become worse and worse with every "internal" dependency I add to plugin. The result is mess in local repository and a lot manual steps needed to rebuild project.

Is there any way to say Maven that it should build the plugin first (with deps), and later use it during my-project building?

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I would suggest using profiles in your situation. You could consider two profiles in the root-project's pom.xml: build-plugin and build-project. Module aggregation (<modules> list) would be moved to these profiles. E.g. the build-plugin profile would contain:

   <!-- + any other "internal" dependencies needed to build the plugin -->

Similarly, the build-project profile would contain the module list needed to build my-project. Then,

mvn clean install -P build-plugin

mvn clean package -P build-project

would be your commands invoking the build of my-maven-plugin and my-project, respectively. Both these commands would be executed from root-project's directory. If you need to run them in sequence most of time, a simple shell script could do the work...

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Just looked into the project where I had that issue and... bingo, it's exactly how I finally decided to solve problem :) I hoped for more automatic solution, but lack of other answers proves me that this is the best approach - so I am accepting your answer :) –  Mariusz Pluciński Mar 27 '13 at 20:13

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