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I dont know whether I am missing out a trick in HTML. I have one simple HTML website in hand which have over 100 HTML pages. For each pages header, sidebar & footer section are same but content is different. Can I simply make this site like Wordpress where page is formed of header.php, footer.php, page.php & sidebar.php. I know I will still have to work on page.php kind of files.

This will simplify the file structure of site. Also I want to know whether this solution is good in SEO perspective or not.

Please help guys.

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include()ing files is covered by every basic PHP tutorial out there. I suggest you do some research and learn PHP – Bojangles Feb 23 '13 at 12:45

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Like Bojangles said:

Assuming you're using PHP you can simply create the header.php, footer.php and sidebar.php and then include those files from your pages:

<?php include 'header.php' ?>
<!-- unique page content goes here -->
<?php include 'sidebar.php' ?>
<?php include 'footer.php' ?>

Edit: This is really basic stuff so I'd recommend reading a beginner tutorial on PHP.

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You could also use JS to load the constant content in whenever needed. You'd just do a document.write('your HTML content here'); Place that in an external JavaScript file; and then link to it in the head of your HTML for your pages.

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