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I am using jenkins as a stand alone. an I want to trigger build when same commit pushed to git. Jenkins GIT client plugin v1.0.2 Jenkins GIT plugin v1.2.0 Git server plugin v1.1 git-notes Plugin v0.0.4 ruby-runtime v0.10 GitHub API Plugin v1.34 GitHub plugin v1.5

this plugin I have installed in jenkins. and in git I have to put webhook url but which url I should put I don't know about that. and when I configure jenkins git web hook it asking me

I choose option Let Jenkins auto-manage hook URLs

in this there is GitHub Credentials i have fill this information in this API URL: Username: Password: API key: but I don't know what is API URL,API key. where can I get api url and ken in jenkins and which url I have to put in git webhook post.

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I was able to get this working using an OAuth token. Steps to produce one can be seen here:

General information on the API can be seen here:

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