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From the LINQ Quiz questions and answers to Q4 and Q5

With colors array defined as:

string[] colors = { "green", "brown", "blue", "red" };

and query from Answer to Q4:

var query =
  from c in colors
  where c.Length == colors.Max (c2 => c2.Length)
  select c;

Do I understand correctly that the outer query iteration expression c2.Length will be evaluated 16 times?

that is, for each item с in colors array, the colors.Max (c2 => c2.Length) will be evaluated once, i.e. Max() calculation will be done 4 times i total. And for each Max() evaluation the c2.Length will be found 4 times?

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Yes that's correct. Easy to check as well, if you have LINQPad try:

string[] colors = { "green", "brown", "blue", "red" };

int count = 0;

var query =
    from c in colors
    where c.Length == colors.Max (c2 => 
            return c2.Length;
    select c;

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Thanks. The answer lacks the info that is necessary to choose "C# Statement(s)" from "Language" dropdown listbox in LinqPad in order to run it there. I'd rather prefer sticking with regular console app than studying additional tools – Fulproof Feb 23 '13 at 15:23

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