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As part of a Google App Script Dashboard, I have the following table:

var tableChart = Charts.newTableChart()

Column 10 is labelled "Percentage of Total" and in my google spreadsheet formatted as "0.00%". The tableChart however does not take the formatting into account and displays the value as "0.0000"

How does one set the formatting of a specific column in the tableChart to "0.00%"?

Regards Jann

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I was hopeful that setColumns(columns, optAdvancedArgs) or addColumn(description_object) would do the trick. I can't get either to work. The documentation for setColumns is clearly wrong or incomplete wrt optAdvancedArgs, while the addColumn(object) method from the Visualization API isn't supported in apps-script. You could opt to use js in an html file stored on drive, and then you'd have access to the richer Visualization API. – Mogsdad Feb 23 '13 at 20:28

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A feature request has been added to the issue tracker, Issue 3063. Visit and star it to receive updates.

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