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I am doing mongoimport with csv type and couldn't find an option to ignore commented lines. My csv has commented lines that are marked with "#" as the starting character. Basically, I am invoking MongoDB through a node.js app. No way to ignore these? Could someone suggest if there is an option?

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could anyone help me with a way to ignore commented lines while doing mongoimport? –  user1549605 Feb 24 '13 at 21:40

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CSV (Comma Separated Values) format is intentionally simple and does not have support for comments. You'll have to pre-filter your commented lines before passing through to mongoimport.

mongoimport is intended to be used from a command-line, but you've mentioned you are talking to MongoDB from a Node.js app.

Rather than invoking mongoimport, I would recommend using a node.js csv module. You can then easily do your own line-based filtering for comments or other format deviations, and insert using the MongoDB driver directly.

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thanks for confirming that mongoimport-csv doesn't support commented code filtering; On node.js csv module, I initially tried using this but found serious performance issues as I had to import around 75000 rows from the csv; i used the node-mongo-native to load; then switched to mongoimport through node.js; –  user1549605 Mar 1 '13 at 15:42
There are a few different node.js CSV modules. A quick search didn't turn up any obvious benchmarks/comparisons, but Fast-csv looks interesting .. trades off some features like multi-line rows for speed. –  Stennie Mar 1 '13 at 20:48
thanks Stennie, I shall try Fast-csv, next. Meanwhile, I moved my nodejs codebase and mongodb server env (both in the same server); But, the results are not so pleasing as below. Is this an issue with network latency that cannot be addressed? Config: RAM-8GB; csvdata-75000 rows =9.12MB; Server-Windows server 2008; mongodb connection accepted time:- browser client localhost - 75000 rows - instantaneous browser client remote - 15 rows - instantaneous browser client remote - 10000 rows - 6 sec browser client remote - 20000 rows - 18 sec browser client remote - 75000 rows - 75 sec –  user1549605 Mar 1 '13 at 23:29

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