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For my Grails App i use Searchable Plugin to have an nice "google-like" Search.

I followed instructions and added:

class Address {
    static searchable =true

    Integer id                  
    AddressGroups addressType   
    String briefDescription     
    String company 

It really works fine. The Problem here is that the Searchbar in my App is searching through all Classes.

I know it is a simple Problem. But i found no Documentation for that issue. I just want to search one domain class at time. Not all classes.

More Information: Additionally i got an User Class and an AddressGroups Class. As you can see Addressgroups provides addressType for Address.

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can you provide more information? What other classes? I believe that by default the plugin will include domain objects included in the association you have created – Aaron Saunders Oct 2 '09 at 22:20
Added addtional Info...hmm sounds interessting. How can I prevent this behaviour? – bastianneu Oct 4 '09 at 10:59
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to only search for results of one type you can add an additional search term "alias:DomainClassName" (this has to be anded to the normal query) so it becomes

(searchterm) AND (alias:DomainClassName)

if you want the Person as a result if the term is found in the addressGroups you could define addressGroups as a component and make the addressgroups a non-root object for compass.

class Person {
    AdressGroups addressType
    static searchable = {
        root true
        addressType component: [prefix:'person_']
class AdressGroups {
    static searchable = {
        root false
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+1000 Wow...thank you for that answer. Works great! – bastianneu Oct 6 '09 at 8:31

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