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I've been trying to extract something from a string (actually a $call) in R, and it's driving me nuts. If you have:

data <- as.data.frame(matrix(c(runif(40)), ncol=2))
z <- matrix(c(runif(40)), ncol=2)
var.modell <- VAR(data, p = 2, exogen=z, type = "trend")

How do you extract the z? I've tried googling and searching stack overflow. I found this: R extract a part of a string in R

which made me try:

sub(".*?exogen=(.*?)", "\\1", var.modell$call, perl = TRUE)

But it returns:

[1] "VAR"   "data"  "2"     "trend" "z"    

What am I doing wrong?

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Look at the call object itself:

m <- lm(speed~dist,data=cars)
## cars

You'll want var.modell$call$exogen.

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Why am I not surprised that the solution was much easier than what I was thinking? Thanks! –  hejseb Feb 23 '13 at 16:21

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