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I'm trying to add a new location to a restaurant using Ruby on Rails.

In the restaurants#show action I run:

<%= link_to 'Add Location', new_location_path(@restaurant) %>

And I get a URL: http://localhost:3000/locations/new.1, where 1 is the id of the restaurant. But the new location form doesn't appear.

What is the rails way to handle this simple case? Is using new_FOO_path even the right thing to be doing?

In this case, I shouldn't have a drop down to select the restaurant because I want the end user to only be able to add a location to their own restaurant. I would somehow need to have a hidden input with the restaurant ID in the add location form, and also validate the id on the backend.

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I would create a nested resource in your routes.rb. Example:

resources :restaurants do
  resources :locations

Then your link target would be new_restaurant_location_path(@restaurant). In your controller, you can find the restaurant via Restaurant.find(params[:restaurant_id]).

Alternatively, set the restaurant id as a GET parameter with new_location_path(:restaurant_id => @restaurant.id).

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I can't seem to find the restaurant_id as a hidden field. How can I access it in the view to set the correct restaurant_id in the POST action method? –  Serg Feb 23 '13 at 16:13
You don't need to. With a nested route, the restaurant_id is part of the path. Example: /restaurants/1/locations/new. Make sure that your location is build correctly in your controller, e.g. @location = @restaurant.location.build, then the form should use the correct route. Or use form_for [@restaurant, @location]. –  ashtom Feb 23 '13 at 16:19
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