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I have the following piece of code which I wrote in python.

def func(r,f):
    for k in np.arange(Nb-1):
    temp = 0
    temp += f[r][k]*f[r][k+1]*np.sqrt(k+1)
    return temp

How do I do the same in Mathematica?

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something like

func[r_,f_]:=Sum[f[[r,k]] f[[r,k+1]] Sqrt[k+1] , {k,Nb-1}]

If you really want a For loop :

  func[r_,f_]:=(temp=0;For[ ...,temp+= .. ] ; temp)

You can RTFM the For[] syntax, I dont think I've ever used it but it looks like "c"

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The Sum command is a obvious one, I was just looking for a way to include procedural functional programming in mathematica, the () thing works for it, Thanks. –  lovespeed Feb 24 '13 at 19:25

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