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I'm following the nodeJS tutorial and as I get the point of pushing the application to Cloudfoundry.com the push flow in the tutorial and the one I see are very different. I use vmc 0.999 and this is what I see:

Name> hello-node

Instances> 1

1: node 2: other Framework> node

1: node 2: node06 3: node08 4: other Runtime> 3

1: 64M 2: 128M 3: 256M 4: 512M 5: 1G 6: 2G Memory Limit> 64M

Creating ido-hello-node... OK

1: ido-hello-node.cloudfoundry.com 2: none URL> ido-hello-node.cloudfoundry.com

Updating ido-hello-node... OK

Create services for application?> n

Save configuration?> y

Saving to manifest.yml... OK Uploading ido-hello-node... OK Using manifest file manifest.yml

Starting ido-hello-node... OK Checking ido-hello-node

Am I doing something wrong or is the tutorial simply out-dated?

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There is no vmc 0.999 so I am not sure what version you actually have - the latest version as of now (obtained by typing 'gem install vmc --pre') is vmc-0.5.0-rc1. You can check which version you have using 'vmc --version'

Yes, the tutorials at http://docs.cloudfoundry.com are outdated and we are busy working on updated versions at http://cloudfoundry.github.com.

You can find the latest Node tutorial here: http://cloudfoundry.github.com/docs/using/deploying-apps/javascript/

If you find any mistakes or would like to suggest additions please feel free to contribute by sending a Github pull request.

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Sorry, my bad about the version. It is vmc 0.4.7. You are right –  Ido Ran Feb 27 '13 at 6:52

It looks like your application pushed successfully. Was there a problem running it?

The vmc command is changing, and the docs you reference may be getting out of date. New docs are being created and published here: http://cloudfoundry.github.com/docs/using/deploying-apps/javascript/. These docs are a work-in-progress, but are more up to date.

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