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I have to code a design for MailChimp email template, I want to code it in Dreamweaver and then import to MailChimp. I know the email template standards very well and easily code for cross email clients; the problem is that I don't find good resources or tutorials showing how to code email in template as per MailChimp API, and then import to MailChimp.

Please can you mention some handful resources or tutorial, links or books to code MailChimp templates from scratch in Dreamweaver?

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MailChimp's own tutorial is pretty good - http://kb.mailchimp.com/article/how-do-i-create-my-own-custom-template

You also will need to keep in mind their template language - http://kb.mailchimp.com/article/getting-started-with-mailchimps-template-language

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If you want to code on dreaweaver then this tutorials will helps you alot http://www.whatcreative.co.uk/blog/email-marketing/building-awesome-mailchimp-templates/

Otherwise mailchimp tutorials is better http://mailchimp.com/resources/guides/mailchimp-for-designers/html/


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