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I have a scenario where I need to filter a vehicle collection by multiple parameters - a series of radios, selectboxes etc that a user may choose to combine i.e. fuel, seats, color. Example combinations may be:

  • color=red
  • seats=4 & fuel=petrol
  • fuel=diesel
  • fuel=petrol & color=black & seats=2
  • etc

It is simple enough to filter a collection by one parameter, but need some tips on multiple.

Here is my Vehicles collection:

  Vehicles = Backbone.Collection.extend({
        model: Vehicle,
        withFuelType: function(fuel) {
            return this.models.filter(function(vehicle) { return vehicle.get('fuel') === fuel; });
        withSeats: function (seats) {
            return this.models.filter(function (vehicle) { return vehicle.get('seats') === seats; });
        withColor: function(color) {
            return this.models.filter(function (vehicle) { return vehicle.get('color') === color; });

Any pointers greatly appreciated.

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You can use where for simple equality searches:

where collection.where(attributes)

Return an array of all the models in a collection that match the passed attributes. Useful for simple cases of filter.

So you don't need those functions, you can do this instead:

c.where({ fuel: 'petrol', color: 'black' });
c.where({ seats: 2 });

You should be able to turn your search query string into an object and hand that to where to get what you need.

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