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I have a string in the following format :


Basically, I have a string with comma separated values. The first value is a string, then it follows an array of 100 values and lastly another string being true or false.

Is there a way or directly reading these values into 3 variable? Two strings and an array? The array of values might contain n\a values which I want to treat as -1 or something similar or by using a cell array and having an empty cell for those? Can you recommend me something for this type of problem?

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Did you try regexp(s,',','split') ? or simply strsplit() for your 100 numeric values – iTech Feb 23 '13 at 17:01
But how should I consider the string values at the beginning at the end? – Simon Feb 23 '13 at 17:22
Textscan should work fine. – jerad Feb 23 '13 at 17:34
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You can use textscan:

n = 100; % number of integers between filename and logical values

M = textscan(str, ['%s' repmat('%d',1, n) '%s'], 'delimiter', ',',...
    'TreatAsEmpty', 'n\a', 'EmptyValue', -1, 'CollectOutput', true);

The result M is a cell array with the file name in the first cell, the 100 integer values in the second, and a string containing the logical value in the last cell.

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You can use strsplit and extract the values from your String and store them in separate variables

Code Sample:

a = strsplit("fileName.jpg,10,20,10,10,...,12,14,True",",")
fileName = a(1)
flag = a(end)
data = a(2:end-1)
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