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I have a problem after I have run empty() on my div. After again created my textareas within my div, it seems like I cant find/collect anthing from my new textareas. Anyway here goes my explaination of my code and the problem:

My html snippet

<div id="placeholder1">
    <label for="textinput">Name 1</label><textarea name="textinputs1" id="textinput1"></textarea>
    <label for="textinput">Name 2</label><textarea name="textinputs2" id="textinput2"></textarea>

My code snippet

$("#slider1").on("slidestop", function(e){
    var slider_value=$("#slider1").slider().val();

    for (var i=0;i<slider_value;i++)
        // i is a random number between 1 and 10 and fetched from the slider
        var intplus = Math.floor(i) + 1;                            
        var label = "<label for=" + "'textinput'" + ">" + "Name " + intplus + "</label>";
        var textarea = "<textarea name=" + "'textinputs'" + intplus + " id=" + "'textinput'" + intplus + ">";
        var textareaEnd = "</textarea>";
        var data = label + textarea +textareaEnd;



//What alert data says?:
// <label for='textinput'>Name 1</label><textarea name='textinputs'1 id='textinput'1>Haze1</textarea>

... //later in the code and in another method
//check slider value
var sliderval = $( "#slider1").val();     

// I want to randomly pick a name from a input textarea
var randomnumber = 1 + Math.floor(Math.random() * sliderval);

The problem is when I try to fetch anything from my textarea NOTE: THIS DOES WORK IF I DONT MOVE THE SLIDER BECAUSE I WILL THEN EMPTY THE DIV. As you can see in the code after calling empty() I will again create the textareas again.

var name = $("#textinput" + randomnumber).text();

The variable name will be empty if I move the slider. It looks correct on my page after creating the textareas.

What have I missed? Seems like I cant find the right textarea after calling empty() I have run trigger('create'); on the new data so it should be refreshed...right?

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It has to be this ID part: id='textinput'1 – user2034859 Feb 24 '13 at 8:57
Hi again I think I solved my own problem:) I have changed this part: "'textinputs'" + intplus To this: "'" + "textinput" + intplus + "'" That works for me and I can now find what I'm looking for with text(). – user2034859 Feb 24 '13 at 9:48

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