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I am outputting text on a printed page and using drawstring to draw the text in a rectangle so that it will word wrap using a call such as:

 ev.Graphics.DrawString(textToOutput, printFont, myBrush, New RectangleF(leftMargin, yPosition, pagewidth - leftMargin - rightmargin, 400))

This works fine. What I am trying to determine is what the Y position would be after the drawscreen call (in other words, what was the height of the text after it was wrapped in the rectangle). I am trying to print variable length strings from a database and they will frequently exceed the page width. I need to know where the vertical start of the next paragraph will be.

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You can use Graphics.MeasureString and perhaps this overload of it. Part of the example from MSDN:

Dim stringSize As New SizeF
stringSize = e.Graphics.MeasureString(measureString, stringFont, stringWidth)

Your calculated height would be stored in SizeF.Height.

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