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I've been writing a little prototype app in the cloud9 ide using express and nodejs.

I was going to re-organize some code into a few custom modules but when I attempt to require them I get an error "cannot find module './lib'

The lib folder is in the root of my site directory. I have 1 file in there "test.js" that has a simple demo to try and get this working.

exports.test = function(){
  return 'hello world';  

It doesn't matter if I put require('./lib') or require('./lib/test') in my app.js, it always throws the same error.

Any thoughts?

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How is your project organised? –  Jean-Philippe Leclerc Feb 23 '13 at 19:21

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Two potential errors:

1- require() looks for a file called index.js. So try renaming test.js to index.js might work.

2- Your path is wrong. Is the lib folder in the same folder as the file in which you call the require()?

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index worked thanks! –  Mike Feb 23 '13 at 19:25
hmm any reason why github.com/tekpub/congo/blob/master/server.js is able to reference congo without the file being called "index" ? –  Mike Feb 23 '13 at 19:38
It's because the filename is specified in the require. Using require('./lib/congo') will look for either the index.js file in a directory called congo, or a congo.js file in the lib directory. If you were to say, require('./lib/congo/') it would only look for index.js in congo directory, and require('./lib/congo.js') will only look for the congo.js file in the lib directory. require('./lib/congo') is ambiguous. I am not sure which order it looks for them in, or which it will use if they're both present. So you could have done require('./lib/test.js') instead of changing the filename. –  Nick Mitchinson Feb 23 '13 at 19:47
I've tried adding require("./lib/test") and require("./lib/test.js") and both throw the same error I reported in the initial question. Though this require is being included in a controller. Does that change things? –  Mike Feb 23 '13 at 20:14

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