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I have a winforms application, I wanted to add a WPF checkbox to this application, so I followed these steps :

1- Right click on the project name, then choose Add->User Control
2- I choose User Control (WPF) from the list
3- I add a check box to the WPF designer
4- I Build the application

The question : After adding an ElementHost to my Winforms App, and expand the Child property, I don't see any controls, There is only a message saying (Add a new or existing WPF control to begin)

What I'm doing wrong ?

Edit : I have also tried to add a reference to WindowsFormsIntegration but results are same

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I have tried this out using both VS2010 (.net 3.5) and VS2012 (.net 4.5). Did you build, or Rebuild...? I found that it didn't always find the WPF user control unless I specifically Re-built the project. –  Jay Feb 23 '13 at 19:16
I think there is a problem with my VS 2012 because i tested it in 2010 and it worked correctly. The problem is with Visual 2012 only. –  mc2 Feb 23 '13 at 21:03

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