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I'm working on a Box2D project and I keep getting a segmentation fault. Here is the problem code :

PhysicsObject::PhysicsObject(b2World *w, sf::Texture& tex, int sX, 
int sY, b2BodyDef bodyDef, b2FixtureDef fixDef)
: DrawableObject(tex, sX, sY)
    body = w->CreateBody(&bodyDef);

PhysicsObject has a protected member variable body, which is a b2Body*. I get a segmentation fault at the body->CreateFixture line. My debugger shows that the w->createbody call changes the value of body, so it is returning a pointer. However, I think the pointer points nowhere. Also, the world does successfully create the body; if I comment out the problem line, the body is created and I can see it being drawn with the rest of my program. Anyone know what could be causing the body pointer to be invalid? Thanks

EDIT: Here is the code from Box2D's CreateBody function: Also, IsLocked() was false when I checked it, so that statement isn't the problem

b2Body* b2World::CreateBody(const b2BodyDef* def)
    b2Assert(IsLocked() == false);
    if (IsLocked())
         return NULL;

    void* mem = m_blockAllocator.Allocate(sizeof(b2Body));
    b2Body* b = new (mem) b2Body(def, this);

    // Add to world doubly linked list.
    b->m_prev = NULL;
    b->m_next = m_bodyList;
    if (m_bodyList)
        m_bodyList->m_prev = b;
    m_bodyList = b;

    return b;

} Also this is the value of body after I call the createbody function (b2Body *) 0xc1ad40 It seems to be a normal pointer

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"My debugger shows that the w->createbody call is returning a pointer. However, I think the pointer points nowhere." That's possible...that createBody is returning a bad pointer. But we can't tell you whether that's happening or not. –  Drew Dormann Feb 23 '13 at 18:04
Can you post the code for CreateBody()? –  Nate Hekman Feb 23 '13 at 18:06
Your debugger should also let you look at the b2Body that CreateBody returned. Put a breakpoint on the CreateBody line, step over it, then examine the body variable to see if it looks right. Or better yet, step into CreateBody and see what's going on in there. –  Nate Hekman Feb 23 '13 at 18:07
Can you provide call stack? (in gdb type bt command after segfault) –  Pavel Feb 24 '13 at 9:11

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