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I am trying out django-geoposition (actually, django itself). I would like to use my own version of the static file geoposition.js. So under my project, I created a static/geoposition/geoposition.js ( STATIC_ROOT defined as static under project root ), with the alternate content I wanted. All works fine in local dev server.

But, when I run python collectstatic, the original one is copied over. I kind of understand why that would be. Now, the question is, how do I override this js file that comes with the app and use my own in its place? Unfortunately, this uses a widget and defines its Media files there rather than from a template, which I could have easily overridden and used my js content with a different name.

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Use a different name for your .js or replace the original one or try to manipulate the order -… – dmg Feb 23 '13 at 19:12

You can easily extend this widget and override its media with your static files:

class MyGeoWidget(GeoPositionWidget):
     class Media:
         extend = False
         css = {
               'all': ('whatever.css',)
         js = ('mygeoposition.js',)
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