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I returned an array of JSON data type from javascript to PHP, I used json_decode($data, true) to convert it to an associative array, but when I try to use it using the associative index, I get the error "Undefined index" The returned data looks like this

array(14) { [0]=> array(4) { ["id"]=> string(3) "597" ["c_name"]=> string(4) "John" ["next_of_kin"]=> string(10) "5874594793" ["seat_no"]=> string(1) "4" } 
[1]=> array(4) { ["id"]=> string(3) "599" ["c_name"]=> string(6) "George" ["next_of_kin"]=> string(7) "6544539" ["seat_no"]=> string(1) "2" } 
[2]=> array(4) { ["id"]=> string(3) "601" ["c_name"]=> string(5) "Emeka" ["next_of_kin"]=> string(10) "5457394839" ["seat_no"]=> string(1) "9" } 
[3]=> array(4) { ["id"]=> string(3) "603" ["c_name"]=> string(8) "Chijioke" ["next_of_kin"]=> string(9) "653487309" ["seat_no"]=> string(1) "1" }  

Please, how do I access such array in PHP? Thanks for any suggestion.

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You access it like any other array because it is just that, an array. It does not matter where it came from. If you get an error, it means that the key you are trying to access does not exist. So, double check that the key you want to access exists. If you are new to arrays in PHP, have a look at the documentation: php.net/manual/en/language.types.array.php. – Felix Kling Feb 23 '13 at 18:27
can you add the code where you're trying to access the elements? (and clean up the array so its easier to read) – Brad Feb 23 '13 at 18:27
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As you're passing true as the second parameter to json_decode, in the above example you can retrieve data doing something similar to:

$myArray = json_decode($data, true);
echo $myArray[0]['id']; // Fetches the first ID
echo $myArray[0]['c_name']; // Fetches the first c_name
// ...
echo $myArray[2]['id']; // Fetches the third ID
// etc..

If you do NOT pass true as the second parameter to json_decode it would instead return it as an object:

echo $myArray[0]->id;
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$data = json_decode($json, true);
echo $data[0]["c_name"]; // "John"

$data = json_decode($json);
echo $data[0]->c_name;      // "John"
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$data = json_decode(...);
$firstId = $data[0]["id"];
$secondSeatNo = $data[1]["seat_no"];

Just like this :)

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When I try accessing that way, I get the error " Cannot use object of type stdClass as array". – Chibuzo Feb 23 '13 at 18:33
Then you're not actually parsing the data as an associative array. See my updated answer. – Norguard Feb 23 '13 at 18:39

When you want to loop into a multiple dimensions array, you can use foreach like this:

foreach($data as $users){
   foreach($users as $user){
      echo $user['id'].' '.$user['c_name'].' '.$user['seat_no'].'<br/>';
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How would I then decode the hourly data from api.forecast.io/forecast... ? I've tried everything but can't get the sub array – andrebruton Jul 23 '14 at 19:09
What's the format of the json result? Do you call the service using javascript? – the_butterfly_effect Aug 15 '14 at 17:15

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