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I'm trying to make a auto sending mail throw hotmail with webdriver 2.
I'm using WebDriver, with java and eclipse.
I'm curreently succeed to get in hotmail by login, and i got the main mail page.
Now i have to click the "New" button (image number 1),
And when i click it by the command : driver.findElement("NewMessage")).click();
It's working and the page moving to the next compose page (Image number 2).
But WebDriver thinks he still at the previous page from some reason.
I can't click on any element on this page.

Image number 1

IMage number 2

My target is to send keys to the "To" field, but i can't get it. As you can see in image number 2, I tried to get the element by the "InputBox" class, the id, by className, xpath, etc.
I will be happy if someone can help me..

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The problem is the To field is in the iframe. In selenium if you want to do any action in a frame mean first you have to get in to the frame.

Code to enter the frame:

  //Assume driver is initialized properly  
  driver.switchToFrame("Frame Name");  




  WebElement element = driver.findElement(;  
  //Do any action inside the frame  

After you finished the action inside the frame you have to get out of the frame to do any action outside the frame.

Code to Leave Frame:


If you are dealing with the iframe then the defaultContent() will take you to the main page above all the iframes, but if you deal with the frame this method will take you to the first frame of the page.

For more info on frmae handling.

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Thank you!! you helped me alot!! – ork Feb 25 '13 at 21:12

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