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I am fetching Youtube videos into carousal which has next and previous button. I have also added the demo link ..

how to change title, Description, Total Views on Next and Previous button ?

    <script type="text/javascript">

var playListURL = '';
var videoURL= '';
$.getJSON(playListURL, function(data) {
var list_data="";
$.each(data.feed.entry, function(i, item) {
var feedTitle = item.title.$t;
var feedURL =[1].href;
var fragments = feedURL.split("/");
var videoID = fragments[fragments.length - 2];
var url = videoURL + videoID;
var thumb = ""+ videoID +"/default.jpg";
list_data += '<div><a href= "#" title="'+ feedTitle +'"><img src="'+ thumb +'" width="213px" height="141px"/></a></div>';

var cnt = 0;
$(".nextButton").click(function () {
var len = $(this).siblings(".slides").children(".slideItem").length;
var a = cnt++;



here is the demo link

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Apart from the properties provided by the library,

You can select the top most item based on two css attributes :

  • Item with top = 0px

  • Item with z-index = <Total Slides-1>

So the following snippet should do it (& update the title as well) :

var $items = $(".slides").find(".slideItem");
$(".nextButton, .prevButton").click(function () {
$("#title").text($items.filter(function () {
        return $(this).css("top") == "0px";

And here is your updated fiddle.

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Thanks a lot :). you solved my problem – Rushikesh jogle Feb 24 '13 at 18:26

According to youtube API v2,

> The API response for a playlist feed is almost identical to a typical
> video feed or set of search results. However, a video entry in a
> playlist feed differs from a typical video entry in the following
> ways:
> Each playlist entry contains the <yt:position> tag, which specifies
> the place that the video appears in the playlist order. The
> <yt:position> tag is a subtag of the <entry> tag.
> If the user defined a custom title for the video, that title appears
> in the <atom:title> tag, and the video's original title appears in the
> <media:title> tag.

So the solution to the problem would be to get yt:position of the title from the JSON recieved Hook your next button to yt:position of the next sibling and previous button to previous sibling. You can also be creative and go for random shuffle of videos based on this.

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