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So, I wanted to create an easy way to sync my programming code between my Time Capsule, iMac, and Macbook Air. The best method I could think of was by writing out an apple script shell command. I'm personally wondering if anyone has done anything like this before and if this would be the best method. My script is located below, but I'm not %100 sure if everything will sync properly. My worry is preventing duplicate code, and ensuring that any changes to the code is updated on all ends. After examining the man pages for rsync, it wasn't quite clear to me how well the files would update based on changes made or if the below code would update something as simple as a change in a nib file (I have no idea if this works off of hash checks and replaces the entire file if the hashes don't match). Does anyone have any thoughts?

This script is for synching from the Time Capsule.

cat rsync -av --force --delete --size-only /Volumes/TimeCapsuleHDDName/Programming Folder/ ~/Desktop/Programming Folder/ > ~/Documents/Personal\ Sync\ Logs/TheSyncLogs.log
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Because I've got a LOT more than 5-10gigs of data I'm synching. Dropbox is nice for petty stuff, but I'm working with a lot of serious amounts of code, models, data. –  TheGamingArt Feb 24 '13 at 2:26

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