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I am new to MSMQ and suspect I either have my queues configured wrong or programmatically (is that a word?)causing them to get hung up.

When everything starts I can send one message and that works wonderfully. I can see (ie via mmc on that machine) the message in the remote machine queue. I then go to access it and I get my UnsupportedFormatNameOperation error. If I try to send another message I get the same error in the send method that just worked a few seconds earlier.

What is even more frustrating is that my catch is NOT picking up the exception so I was unaware and looking elsewhere (read wasting time) till I explored the queue object in the debugger.

Now if I reset the Message Service on remote I lose my message in the queue and still get the same error. If I reboot same result.

On local (dev machine) if I reset the Message Service I still get the error. If I reboot something gets recycled and I can send exactly one message again.

Further after reboot of dev machine and exploring the queue object on the first run I find that I am getting the error the FIRST time around but it still sends the message.

So I am clearly doing something wrong but clueless as to what.

Here is my send code:

private void SendLoginMessage(...bunch of parms)
            //hardcoded path? yup!!
            MessageQueue msmq = new MessageQueue(@"FormatName:DIRECT=OS:W2K8R2_SQL2K8R2\private$\best_simulator");

                LoginStatusMessage LgnMsg = new LoginStatusMessage()
                    ...assign parms to my 
            catch (MessageQueueException msmqex)
            catch (Exception ex)
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The description for UnsupportedFormatNameOperation is

The requested operation for the specified format name is not supported.

Message Queuing returns this error when the requested operation is not supported for the specified format name. Operations include trying to open a queue to receive messages by specifying a direct format name.

So I guess your problem may be at your receive code.

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