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In my diaryEntry tab;e I have id, siteId and date. I pass a date through and I want the list 'DiaryEntry' to store all the dates that match. I then pass this list through a foreach which should then highlight the dates on screen on a calendar.

 DateTime tempDate = System.Convert.ToDateTime(Session["Diary_Date"]);
        DateTime startOfMonth = new DateTime(tempDate.Year, tempDate.Month, 1);
        DateTime endOfMonth = startOfMonth.AddMonths(1).AddDays(-1);
    List<Diary_Entry> DiaryEntry = new List<Diary_Entry>();

        DiaryEntry = (from DE in db.Diary_Entries
                      where DE.Site_Id == 1
                      && DE.Date >= startOfMonth && DE.Date <= endOfMonth
                      select DE).ToList();

  foreach (DateTime d in DiaryEntry)//list is name of list you use avoue(in linq)
            Calendar1.SelectedDates.Add(d);//CALENDAR 1 IS WHAT I CALLED IT IN ASPX

ERROR: ecannot convert type 'diaryEntry' to system.datetim

Can someone possibly advise me how to resolve this that ye

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You should show us class Diary_Entry. – Kirill Bestemyanov Feb 23 '13 at 19:41
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The issue is here:

foreach (DateTime d in DiaryEntry)

DiaryEntry is List<Diary_Entry>, not a list of DateTime.

Change to:

foreach (Diary_Entry d in DiaryEntry)

And now for each d, you can access its DateTime members.

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  foreach (var d in DiaryEntry)
            Calendar1.SelectedDates.Add(d.Date); //assuming d.Date is a datetime
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Your problem is that you have list of Diary_Entry, not DateTime, so if you want to iterate through datetime enumerable, you should get it. You can use linq to do this:

    foreach (DateTime d in DiaryEntry.Select(de=>de.Date))
        Calendar1.SelectedDates.Add(d);//CALENDAR 1 IS WHAT I CALLED IT IN ASPX
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thats great thanks for the help – John Feb 23 '13 at 19:49

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