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In ·std::unique_ptr· code in file "memory", I see operator overloading functions as

typename tr1::add_reference<_Ty>::type operator*() const
   // return reference to object
   return (*this->_Myptr);

pointer operator->() const
  // return pointer to class object
   return (&**this);

What does the &** mean in the second function? Thanks.

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this is a pointer to the unique_ptr object.

*this is a reference to the unique_ptr object.

**this is dereferencing the unique_ptr using operator* (i.e. *this->_Myptr).

So, &**this is a pointer to the object pointed at by the unique_ptr (i.e. &(*this->_Myptr)).

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As per the posted code, **this is invoking operator* overload which returns a reference to an object. so &**this becomes address of the returned object.

In other words, **this is same as (*this->_Myptr), and &**this is same as &(*this->_Myptr).

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