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I know I might get slammed for this question, but I have looked at previous SO questions and have not found my answer.

I am using SpringLoops to host my SVN version control. I am using Subclipse an SVN plugin for Eclipse.

When I right click my project's root folder and do Team -> Commit I do not want to include the bin folder to that committ. Yes, I have previously committed it, and according to this question: Subclipse svn:ignore I have to delete it from my repository first. I am not sure what this exactly means. I cannot delete from the Springloops website, and inside Eclipse when I delete the bin folder it just is automatically recreated (of course).

How can I remove the bin folder from my commits?

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I figured this out. I am an idiot. To save people future headaches, you need to go to the SVN Repository view in Eclipse (the top right hand corner by default, where it says Java, Debug etc. Delete it from THERE, then "update to head" and then you can right click and add to SVN:ignore. Then, this change should be committed.

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In you self answer, your are not really deleting the file/folder. In SVN, you have to commit the deletion. Depending on what version of SVN, Eclipse, SVNKit etc. you have it might be tricky or buggy via the GUI though.

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So, is the last step to commit? And then my answer is ok? Feel free to correct me. –  unexpected62 Feb 23 '13 at 20:31
Yes. If the only change you have is that you deleted a file, that will show up in your next commit as a deletion. If it's a folder and it's not empty, my experience is that it's the best to first empty it and commit those deletions in one step, and then delete and commit the deletion of the folder in an other step - the avoid problems/bugs in eclipse/SVN. –  Marcell Fülöp Feb 23 '13 at 20:35
Thanks, I just did it all in one go before I read your comment and it seemed to work fingers crossed –  unexpected62 Feb 23 '13 at 20:45

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