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I need to be able to replace *hello* with somethinghellosomething. I can do this with the regex #\*(.*?)\*#. The issue is, I want to ignore any with **hello**. I have tried #\*([^\s].*?)\*#, where it sort of works, but returns *somethinghellosomething*, instead of just **hello**. What do I need to add to my expression, to ensure it doesn't replace any ** encased strings?

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You could try lookaround assertions to match only when not preceded or followed by another *.


Also, note that I changed your .*? to [^*]+. Otherwise, it could match two consecutive asterisks because .*? could match on nothing.

Example: http://regexr.com?33sp0

Piece by piece, this is:

(?<!\*)    # not preceded by an asterisk
\*         # an asterisk
([^*]+)    # at least one non-asterisk character
\*         # an asterisk
(?!\*)     # not followed by an asterisk
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Thanks for the piece-by-piece breakdown, it helped a lot :) –  jackwilsdon Feb 23 '13 at 23:29

try this


sample code

 $notecomments=" **hello**  *hello*   ***hello*** ****hello**** ";
  return 'something'.$matches[2].'something';
  return $matches[0];

},' '.$notecomments.' ');


  **hello** somethinghellosomething ***hello*** ****hello****
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$text = '**something**   **another**  *hello*';
function myfunc($matches)
 if($matches[0][0] == '*' && $matches[0][1] == '*'){
  return $matches[0];
  return str_replace('*', 'something', $matches[0]);
echo preg_replace_callback("/(\*){1,2}([^*]+)(\*){1,2}/","myfunc", $text);
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