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I am beginner at GLSL. I was reading a vertex shader code and I don't understande this part of code:

out vec3 position;

What are the differences between gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix and gl_ModelViewMatrix?

What are the differences between gl_Position and position?

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There are many great online tutorials for getting started with OpenGL. Why are you reading through random, undocumented GLSL code to figure it out? – Nicol Bolas Feb 23 '13 at 23:53

As you might suspect, gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix is gl_ModelViewMatrix with the addition of the projection -- that is, the perspective camera distortion.

gl_Position is a predefined variable meaning "the projected result of this vertex shader" (all vertex shaders are required to assign a value to gl_Position), while the value "position" is an extra programmer-defined value that comes along for the ride (why is impossible to say, depends on the entire shader)

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