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I am trying to make an element appear after a certain scrolling has occurred to do this I'm using scrollTop() but I always get 0.

$(document).on("mousewheel", function(){

instead of window I've tried body, #wrapper and document but with all of those I get a constant 0. What am I missing to get a proper read? (#wrapper has no set height just a width.)

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Did you put your code under $(document).ready(), in other words, Has the DomContentLoaded event triggered before your code execute?

.scrollTop() will give correct result only when document has been loaded completely.

can you give a detailed example?

Sidenote: $(document).on('event', callback) works irrespective on whether document is fully loaded or not.

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Question - does it have to be "mousewheel"? I do not believe there is a mousewheel handler unless you use a jquery plugin.

do this and it works for me:

           $(document).on("scroll", function(){
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