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My application composes a webpage model from a number of xml sources. These sources are being parsed into memory as DOM objects with the normal Xerces parser. Unfortunately, Xerces DOM objects are not thread safe for read-only operations. I would like to be able to reuse the parsed DOM for read. Does anyone know of another parser or a simple thread safe for read DOM implementation that I use?

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Saxon provides DOM wrappers to its internal and immutable data structure.

// create Saxon IdentityTransformer
final Transformer transformer = new TransformerFactoryImpl().newTransformer();

// set up holder for the output
final TinyBuilder outputTarget = new TinyBuilder(
    new PipelineConfiguration(new Configuration()));

// transform into Saxon's immutable TinyTree
transformer.transform(xml, outputTarget);

// extract the whole XML as TinyNode 
final TinyNodeImpl tinyNode = outputTarget.getTree().getNode(0);

// wrap TinyNode as DOM
final NodeOverNodeInfo nodeOverNodeInfo = DocumentOverNodeInfo.wrap(tinyNode);

// cast to DOM
final Document doc = (Document) nodeOverNodeInfo;

(tested with saxon-he 9.5.1)

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I don't know any perfect and simple solution.

An idea might be to recreate the Dom using thread-safe objects.

In this case, they would preferably be immutable, as you are reading-only. Being immutable also opens possibilities for further improvements (instance sharing for example, that would lead to smaller memory footprint).

I wish I could suggest a library that does this, as it is a fair amount of coding...

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From the description of your problem it sounds like to wish to construct the DOM once and then potentially perform read operations from multiple threads; i.e. the structure is built once and then never modified.

Assuming this is the case the only thing you need to ensure is that the thread creating the DOM either:

  • Assigns it to a volatile instance variable. This ensures that the DOM created has not been cached locally by the creating thread but rather written to main memory.
  • Assigns it to an instance variable guarded by a appropriate locks (e.g. synchronized getters and setters).
  • Assigns it to a final instance variable (e.g. within a constructor).

Disclaimer: My answer assumes that reading from the Xerces DOM does not alter it in any way. Can you provide a citation for your claim that Xerces is not thread-safe for read-only operations?

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According to issues.apache.org/jira/browse/… , the Document object contains a cache that can be overwritten during read operations. So it is not thread safe. –  Steven Huwig Jun 3 '10 at 20:37

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