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Hi I'm looking into the issues to expect if the Flash Player (version 10) is run over a long period of time, say 24+ hours.

I know that the player has issues with not performing garbage collection properly, and that the weak listener system is buggy.

I plan on having the flash app started/monitored using a watchdog/sentinal app written in C/C++/C#. So I plan on refreshing the app periodically.

Does anyone have recommended practices for running a flash player over that sort of time scale?

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Memory leaks are probably the worst. If you manage to make an app run on a 100% stable memory level for 1 hour it should also run for 24 hour and more (if its activity is stable as well). Flex's profiler is nice to look up for leaks and uncollected items ...

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I think, you want to make an application run a long time not easily and not difficult. You must always free memory at interval 300ms ( use LocalConnection).

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