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Here is a variable called "target"

$ echo $_target

This regex test succeeds...

$ if [[ $_target =~ "x86_64" ]]; then echo "match"; fi

But it doesn't test to see if the expression is at the beginning of the line. Let me add the anchor tag to the regex:

$ if [[ $_target =~ "^x86_64" ]]; then echo "match"; fi

The line above doesn't indicate a match. Weird.

However, if I take off the quotes around the regular expression, all is good

$ if [[ $_target =~ ^x86_64 ]]; then echo "match"; fi

Why do the quotes influence the regular expression test? What am I missing in my understanding to be surprised that the second test above fails to match?

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You should not put the right side of the =~ operator in quotes, as this will mean a string, and not a regex. (source

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