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I am a bit of a newbie so bare with me. I am currently working on a project which is built with CodeIgniter and uses Tank Auth authentication library(modified version to work with user roles) . Everything is working fine but i want to show different content and/or functions to different user groups.

For example i have 2 roles Admin & User and the site uses a dashboard which both users can currently access. For now we will use navigation lists, I want too have a navigation list for the user (home, about, other user features etcetera.) and I would like to have a navigation for admins. But the admin can see both lists and the user can only see the user list.

The roles are currently set by a role_id in the database so role_id 1 = Admin and role_id 2 = User. I was wondering is there a easy way to do this in the view file for my dashboard?

all help would be greatly appreciated

The reason I want to do it this way is I don't want to have to login into two different panels when I want to use admin or user features on my site.

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I'm not familiar with CodeIgniter or Tank Auth but in plain PHP you could do the following:

    if (role_id == 1) {

<!-- Admin HTML here -->

<?php }
    if (role_id == 1 || role_id == 2) {

<!-- User HTML here -->

<?php } ?>

The admin can see both the user and admin HTML but the user can see only the user HTML

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Thanks for the response you opened my eyes on how to do it. – user2103278 Feb 23 '13 at 22:23

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