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I'm on CentOS 6, and I'm playing around with the Pre-Login file message, located here:

# vi /etc/issue

I want to add some custom text of mine, and colorizing that text. Here's my file text for now:

Welcome to my Testing Server

I've used an example from a friend of mine, on his CentOS 5:

^[[47;31m Welcome to my Testing Server ^[[0m

I see it working fine on his box, as I ssh to it. But I copied and pasted it into my /etc/issue file and it returns everything as text.

Am I missing something?

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The ^[ is not a literal carat followed by a bracket, it is a control character. When copying from your friend's box to yours, the control characters have been taken literally and cease to work properly, see this for more information on colorizing /etc/issue

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That makes sense now. I'm required to do a physical escape, before and after. –  coffeemonitor Feb 23 '13 at 23:42

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