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I have a question about my project and SVN!I'm using OVH "Hosting Personal"(hébérgement mutualisé perso),so I do not have access SSH,and I can't install SVN directly on my OVH server...

I wish to install SVN on remote OVH server without SSH access.I tried to find a solution to install SVN on my local server(OS: Ubuntu,apache2) and put My Project inside and then I download all installation of SVN with configuration files to my server OVH on line,is that it is possible?

I hope to put my project on line and make modification and checkout when I wan't,but all tutorials talks just to do it with SSH.

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The answer is: you probably can't.

Even if you had an SSH access, I guess that on shared hosting, OVH doesn't give you access to svn tools, and doesn't let you install svn.

Edit: this guide on OVH (in french) indicates it is possible to use svn, and that the only condition to use it is to have SSH access

PS: you don't have a server: you have some disk space on a server: big difference !

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Edited my answer: it is possible to use SVN on shared hosting, if you have an SSH access, but only if you have it... –  tmuguet Feb 23 '13 at 23:39

If it was technically possible, it would anyway most likely be a breach to OVH service terms of use.

Here is a link the the French "Conditions d'utilisation", in case you need to know what's inside :)

Only the use of PHP/CGI scripts is allowed, and with load restrictions.

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