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I am interesting in understanding the behaviors of android system. What will the Android system do when the user push the power button shortly to close the screen?

Will it just set the brightness to zero?

Will it make some special operations to response this event?

Will some apps/service respond to this event, like reduce or stop updates(e.g. email checking)?

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I can't give you a complete answer to this, however I can say that whatever app is in the foreground (even the launcher is an app) will go though the proper app lifecycle phases.

In case of the screen going off, the foreground app will fire off an onPause() event and then an onStop() event, and then when the screen comes back on, onRestart(), followed by onStart(), and lastly onResume() will be called.

Perhaps someone else can give you more info than this, but I imagine that much more would be depend on the device in question.

Also, in regards to app updates, if you don't tell the application to stop any updates in the onPause() callback, then they will continue while the screen is off without interruption.

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